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WBW 2016: 5 tips for a strong nursing relationship while working away from home

August 5, 2016

Editor’s note: Among the 17 Sustainable Development Goals central to World Breastfeeding Week this year is a call for better workplace support of breastfeeding women. Certainly employers have a large part to play in meeting this goal, but women also need step up to advocate for themselves, their babies, and their right to express breastmilk […]

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Breastfed Babies and The Growth Chart

September 21, 2009

I am not a large person. At 5 foot 8, I’m taller than average, but I’ve always been a healthy size and my weight gain during both my pregnancies was well within the range recommended by my doctor. My husband isn’t a big guy either. So it was no surprise to me that both kids […]

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