At this chapter’s close, join us as we #normalizenurturing

For 13 years, the blog of Attachment Parenting International (API) – originally called API Speaks, later renamed APtly Said – has been encouraging and supporting and giving voice to parents around the globe who have embraced API’s vision for a changed society…one where peace and compassion triumphs, not only for our children but for our wider culture.

As API cofounder Lysa Parker put it: “You can’t change generations of behaviors in one generation, but you can begin the change. …”

And that’s what API’s family of publications – the APtly Said blog, The Attached Family magazine, Journal of Attachment Parenting research, the API Links and Parent Compass enewsletters – has done for a decade plus. We have helped a generation of parents move toward a changed world.

The API blog partnered with countless volunteer bloggers and editors through the years. We especially thank founding editors Julie Artz and Amy Gates, and so many authors who have made us laugh, cry, nod, and consider. We have been challenged and validated through these musings, which have allowed us to find our own way in each of our parenting journeys.

Thank you to everyone who has been a part of this journey, both contributors and readers. This is our last post on this blog. We welcome you to continue to peruse the wealth of parent-to-parent wisdom here.

As we say goodbye to the API blog, we encourage you to join us on a new adventure – #normalizenurturing during API’s next chapter in parent support, Nurturings.

Through API, we focused on the vital importance of attachment to positive child outcomes. Through Nurturings, we emphasize 3 refreshingly simple ingredients for flourishing parents, children, families, and communities:

  1. Replenishment (parent-to-parent connections);
  2. Nourishment (parenting knowledge);
  3. Practish (progress over perfection).

Come with us on this new chapter of normalizing nurturing in our family relationships. Find replenishment through like-minded friendships, receive nourishment as you learn about healthy child development, and allow us to encourage and celebrate as you practish your relationship goals. Join us at

~ Rita Brhel, #normalizenurturing Editor

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