Desperate For Balance

June 27, 2011

I am a mother of three children. I am a mother of three children, and I spend my days changing diapers, kissing boo-boos, and giving hugs. My job of raising these beautiful children bring me joy. And sometimes, it breaks my heart. My oldest is 6, my middle child is 4, and my youngest is […]

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Wouldn’t It Be Nice?

March 21, 2011

The other day I went grocery shopping with my youngest, my 9 month old. After filling my cart with groceries, we were waiting to check out when I heard the two women behind me in line start talking about how adorable my son was. Soon after, he started getting fussy and without a second thought […]

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Is He A Good Baby?

September 22, 2010

Is he a good baby? You ask, as you ring up my groceries. It’s 5PM on a Friday. I’ve been waiting in line for quite some time, and my two girls are getting ready to have meltdowns. I’m holding my baby boy in my tired, aching arms because for some reason he decided he didn’t […]

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Chip, Chip, Chip

July 2, 2010

Last night, I put the kids to bed, poured some wine, popped in a movie and picked up my knitting. Then I heard it: the awful sound of something, or someone, falling down the stairs. All of them. THUMP THUMP THUMP THUMP! Sure enough, it was my 3 year old, who had gotten up to […]

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February 3, 2010

She has this special spot at the top of the stairs, where she likes to go when she’s upset. Sometimes, it is me who she’s upset with. I tell her its okay, everyone needs time alone to cry once in a while. She learns that emotions are okay, and how to handle them appropriately. I […]

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Co-sleeping: They Say So Much

August 31, 2009

Next month, she’ll turn 3. And yes, she is still in our bed. They say she’ll never become independent. They say she’ll never learn to sleep on her own. They say we’ll never get her out of our bed. They say a lot of things. But they aren’t there at night, when her heartbeat and […]

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Weaning: What If Mom Isn’t Ready?

June 30, 2009

My daughter is 2.5 years old and showing signs of weaning. At times when she would normally nurse, she is now telling me that my “na nas are broken” and is starting to nurse less and less.

She is completely ready. I, however, am not.

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Eating Wholesome Foods: Additives To Avoid

May 31, 2009

My birthday is coming up this month, and at the top of my list of wanted gifts is a bread maker. Four years ago, if you had told me that someday I would want a bread maker so that I could make my family’s bread from scratch, I would have laughed in your face. Until […]

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