WBW 2016: A look ahead…to October

pixabay - globeWorld Breastfeeding Week: I’m a huge proponent of breastfeeding, but my favorite word in that phrase is “world.”

This observance brings the world together each year through a theme that is timely for all, from the wealthiest to the least developed nations. We are all in this together…promoting and protecting this sometimes-underestimated key to sustainable development: breastfeeding.

This fall, we ask you to join us in turning our attention to another component of sustainable and healthy societies — parenting — as Attachment Parenting International (API) gears up for our annual Attachment Parenting (AP) Month in October.

This is API’s 9th year of coordinating AP Month. Every year, API presents an equally timely theme in parenting, and this year — perhaps more than ever — we need October’s 31 days to concentrate on the role of parenting and family relationships in nurturing peace not only in our communities but also in fostering worldwide harmony.

Watch API over the next couple months as we reveal the many exciting activities and events — online and locally — in connection with AP Month 2016: “Nurturing Peace: Parenting for World Harmony.”

Author: Rita Brhel

Rita Brhel, BS, CLC, API Leader, lives with her family near Hastings, NE, USA, where she works as a WIC Breastfeeding Counselor. She also writes for Mothering and La Leche League's New Beginnings.

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