What does Attachment Parenting look like in your home?

Editor’s note: Attachment Parenting International (API) advocates for a parenting approach rooted solidly in research, and continuing research further validates and builds upon API’s foundation.

Patricia MackieHelp us tell your story! Describe what Attachment Parenting (AP) looks like in your home through this landmark, definitional survey designed to provide ground-breaking insights about AP families.

Created by researchers at Southern Methodist University in collaboration with API, the survey is voluntary, confidential, anonymous and takes about 40 minutes to complete.

Thank you for helping us tell the AP story!

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3 thoughts on “What does Attachment Parenting look like in your home?”

  1. I do not “own” my children. They deserve as much respect as any adult. They have choices. They are loved for who they are. They are protected and cherished. They are sensitive but strong. They have been taught to demand respect and be polite and respect others. They have been allowed input and opinions on all subjects. They have their own identity and are allowed individual thoughts. Punishment is more about discussion and resolution. My life revolves around my children, they are my everything.

  2. My children sleep in my bed every night, I love to hold them and know they’re safe #singlemumof2

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