Keeping a-breast…

It began when you were very small,

No other source of food at all,

every hour, sometimes less,

you would suckle at my breast.

Everywhere we went they’d smile

supportive of us all the while,

You were young and cute and small

of course I breastfed, after all.

Strangers told me they were proud

in voices strident, voices loud,

that I chose to bare my breast.

They told me it was for the best.

Now that you walk, and run, and play,

our nursing support has become dismay!

Though you are still a babe to me

a big kid and breasts is all they see.

Despite the heads that shake away

We still nurse all night and day!

You are still my little one,

we will nurse until you’re done.

(Support breastfeeding, celebrate World Breastfeeding Week!)

3 thoughts on “Keeping a-breast…”

  1. I haven’t started this leg of the journey as yet, but I know already that I will meet those who object. Its good to know that there are others out there whom you can count on for support.

    I wrote my own little piece about my nursing experiences so far. Feel free to visit 🙂

  2. I love this poem!!! I have a 19 month old nursling and I’ve started feeling less support lately. I plan to let her nurse till she’s done also. Hopefully we don’t get a hard time from too many. Maybe I should decide on a canned response 🙂

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