AP Month Family Photo Gallery

Show us your family at work – the family work of creating positive childhood experiences.

The AP Month theme this year is “PeaCE Over ACES” because we’re working toward creating important building blocks for healthy development.

Positive childhood experiences are based on caring relationships between children and adults in their lives.

These deep relationships are the foundations of resilience and allow us to bounce back from adversity. Examples of positive childhood experiences are:

      • Being able to talk openly to a family member or as a family about feelings and feel heard, accepted and supported.
      • Belief that family stood by them during difficult times.
      • Feeling safe and protected by an adult in the home.

~Christina Bethell,
Johns Hopkins University, PhD, MBA, MPH

With gathering a photo-gallery of families, we hope to inspire individuals, families and other organizations to learn more. Prefer words to a photo? We are collecting your family stories, and you can find the link to share them on our main AP Month page.

Guidelines to submit your photos for consideration:

  1. Send your photos to to apiphotos@attachmentparenting.org.
  2. Email subject should read “2020 AP Month photo event”.
  3. Include your name, mailing address, e-mail address, and phone number at the beginning of your message. Include a description of the photo if you like.
  4. Subjects in your photos need to give their permission to use the photo for these purposes.
  5. Preference will be given to personal, candid photos.
  6. There is no fee to participate.
  7. Submissions can be any size, black-and-white or color, and should be attached to the e-mail message as a JPG or TIF.
  8. Photos are reviewed for theme before they appear. Multiple photos are welcome but please only send each photo one time.
  9.  Gallery opens October 1st 2020 . The prize is the community that we build together, and we may use your photo in one of our publications!

By submitting your photo to API, you attest that the photo is your own and hereby give API permission to freely use the photo on its website, in its publications, or in any of its materials with any resulting proceeds to fully benefit API as an organization.  Only the top selected photos that are high resolution (300 ppi/dpi) will be considered for website pages.

Promotions will not be accepted and API will only include photos that uphold the theme for AP Month, reserving the right to remove any photos.

Author: API Blog

APtly Said, Formerly API Speaks launched in April of 2008 as part of Attachment Parenting International's larger effort to offer interactive content through their newly-redesigned web site: http://www.attachmentparenting.org. All contributors to APtly Said, as with so many of API's staff, are volunteers who donate their time and energy to promote Attachment Parenting world wide.

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