It is a gift to receive one another

Author: Effie Morchi

Effie is the Assistant Editor of APtly Said. She is a mother of 2, a girl and a boy. Being a stay-at-home mom after a career in the Information Technology field has paved the path for her transformation and growth. Nowadays, she enjoys practicing Reiki and writing about her reflections in finding the profound in the ordinary and her spiritual path.

One thought on “It is a gift to receive one another”

  1. That is beautiful! Just wanted to say I love this blog! My dd is 17 and my son is 6. Glad to see AP becoming more known. Just wanted to say to all the parents who have struggles parenting in an Ap way…even with all the research out there from API and Dr.Sears etc there will always be people questioning a more loving parenting style. I heard it all too. Your child will be spoiled and a rebellious teen. Well on the contrary. My dd was and is raised with love and she is still very close and connected to me and the rest of her family. she is the girl with tons of empathy who helps her friends. Her brother is already displaying these qualities. You can’t go wrong parenting with love.

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