Feeleez – An Empathy Game for Children

This summer my boys (4-1/2 and 2 years old) and I had the opportunity to play with a wonderful game titled “Feeleez”, from the Natural Parenting Center. The game was so much fun and appropriate for AP families that I wanted to share my thoughts about it with you.

Anxiously we opened the small metal box, and found 25 pairs of 2×2″cards. Pairs of cards sport drawings of children, each expressing different emotions. Some emotions are very clearly conveyed and others are a bit ambiguous. The ambiguous cards allowed my children to creatively identify what they saw in each drawing. The ambiguous cards foster creative expression and leave room for my children to grow with the game as their vocabulary, intellect and emotions mature such as this online Team Murder Mystery Game for kids and teens.

It was helpful that the Natural Parenting Center does not leave their consumers without direction. They included a list of various games that can be played with just this one little box of cards. We played the “Matching Game”, and “What’s This”. To play “What’s This” we all took turns stating what we thought each person on the card was feeling and what might have made the person feel that way. It was intriguing to learn what my children felt might make someone else sad, happy, frustrated, sick etc. This opened the opportunity to ask them if they had felt those feelings and in what situations.

This created a terrific opportunity to learn more about what their emotional triggers were and what situations and events affected them in a positive, negative, ambivalent, or confusing way. We also sorted the cards into more general categories, which my youngest enjoyed the most. These were only three of the many games that the “Feeleez” insert outlined. They also suggested playing Charades, Body Sensations (where you pick one of the cards and then you all take turns describing what the feeling might feel like, where it might live in your body, what color it is, etc.), Conflict Resolution, Offering Empathy, and Mirroring.

When you purchase “Feeleez” you not only gets nine games for $20.00 but it creates an amazing opportunity to teach and learn with your child about empathy and understanding. The part I loved the most was hearing from my children why they thought some of the little people were happy, sad or frustrated etc. “Feeleez” elicited emotion in us that ranged from poignantly introspective to downright comical.

Feeleez is directly compatible with API’s Principles “Respond with Sensitivity” and “Practice Positive Discipline”. It is also highly complimentary for those who practice non-violent communication. Another appealing aspect about The Natural Parenting Center garnering my support is their socially conscious business practices. A couple of examples related to “Feeleez” is that the cards are made from recycled materials and printed with soy based ink.

I am pleased to say that I would highly recommend this game to other AP families and feel that it is a much needed tool when it comes to learning about empathy and compassion in a fun, engaging and enlightening way.

Feeleez – An Empathy Game For Children
$20.00 if you purchase from the Natural Parenting Center
Appropriate for ages 2+

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8 thoughts on “Feeleez – An Empathy Game for Children”

  1. This looks excellent! M is really in to matching things. And since I’m not the best at helping him with his strong emotions, this game is just what we need right now. Thanks, friend!

  2. I’m so glad that you are thinking of getting it Sher! It really is a fun game and I think that Max will like it too. Let me know what you think if you do get it. 🙂

  3. My favorite part as well was hearing from my daughter describe why the various characters were experiencing those feelings. The childs perspective is such an amazing one to listen to!

  4. We LOVE this box of games. And really underneath the fun is a well thought out way of teaching, learning, connecting, sharing, and communicating with my son. I have found it to be useful during times when he doesn’t know the words to describe his feelings, and has been able to point to a picture that illustrates it for him.

    My favorite memory was when we first got it, and were playing a game that went something like this: pick any card and talk about a time when you have felt that way…. SOooo I held up the super lovey cheerful, jumpy, big smile card and told my son that my heart feels that way every time I see him. He got the BIGGEST smile on his face. It was so cool.

  5. VASTLY disappointed in this game. I could have easily made this myself, rather than paying a ridiculous amount in shipping. Not a happy customer.

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