Following the Principles: Feed With Love and Respect

July 18, 2009

Part 2 of a series of 8.  Long before I knew I was pregnant with LF#5 (Loin Fruit Number Five), I’m pretty sure that T-Bird knew something was different. We had just moved into a new home, in a new city, and I figured T-Bird was seriously ramping up her nursing efforts in order to […]

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Following the Principles: Prepare for Pregnancy, Birth and Parenting

June 18, 2009

Part 1 of a series of 8. “Look at this,” I mumble out of the corner of my mouth as I shove the white and purple plastic stick in Sir Hubby’s direction. The two younger kids are nearby and it is too soon to clue them in yet. “Uh. What exactly am I looking at?” […]

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Stepping Out

May 26, 2009

My 14 month old kicks her feet against the table and makes a deafening screech while reaching for her Daddy’s beverage at the restaurant. As he allows her to have a sip of his drink, I look around to see how many fellow diners are tsk tsking our choice to allow our baby to drink what […]

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Super Mom Retires

April 16, 2009

When I was a younger mommy and parenting my first two children, I worried a lot about whether I was meeting expectations.  Of course, my first priority was my children and their well-being, but right after that was making sure that I gave the impression of being confident, completely competent, and like I was the […]

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Listening to Her Protest (very loudly)

March 31, 2009

My little T-Bird has just turned a whole big year old!  She now has the ability to run around the house grabbing stuff, she turns the pages of books all by herself,  and has developed some very well-honed pointing-at-everything-she-sees skills.  She also does some super-adorable things like kissing all of the kitties she sees in […]

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Moving On

March 3, 2009

Sir Hubby’s business is located two hours away from where we have been living. For the most part, he has been able to work remotely from home and that level of flexibility allowed us both to be full time AP’ers to our baby, T-Bird. But recently, he has taken on additional responsibility at work and […]

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In It For The Long Haul

January 26, 2009

In the course of any given day, I know I make hundreds and hundreds of parenting choices. Some are mistakes. The majority are adequate. And a few rare ones are golden. Most of my parenting choices, however, seem to matter very little if measured in days. The accumulated effect of all those daily choices is […]

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AP When Things Are Upside Down

December 9, 2008

Joy, love, and simplicity are certainly some of the most compelling reasons that our family has chosen to practice Attachment Parenting. AP principles, like keeping our baby close, responding to our children with sensitivity and respect, and engaging in night time parenting have made our lives infinitely sweeter, gentler, and less stressful. So, recently, when […]

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