Everyone belongs in Nurturings

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Happy October! This month, we celebrate Attachment Parenting Month among other important observances such as ACEs awareness.

For many people, October brings with it a change in seasons. Transitions can be rejuvenating.

You may have noticed that API’s homepage has a new look with new verbiage and direction. Note the new logo and organizational name at the top of the homepage.

API has been a very effective organization within the parent education and support field for more than 25 years. We have raised awareness internationally to the importance of nurturing parent-child attachment to healthy child outcomes.

This October, we introduce you to the next stage in API’s evolution…Nurturings, a new kind of parenting resource that aims to spark flourishing for parents, children, families, and communities.

We’ve seen parents struggle with overwhelming disruptions in their everyday family life…such as, but not limited to, the pandemic…and become evermore stressed-out, seeking advice from the online treadmill that is, yes, helping us survive social distancing but that also drowns us in information. The result is parenting advice that promotes isolation and often frustration rather than flourishing.

Nurturings is designed to be a reliable guidepost to families while also empowering parents. We aim to deliver what you and every parent needs to flourish:

  • Lower and buffered stress;
  • Effective coping skills;
  • The space to learn and share broad research and experiences about healthy, effective parenting;
  • The ability to choose what fits your needs;
  • Encouragement as you progress in the areas of your parenting that matter most.

Everyone needs nurturance, and everyone belongs in Nurturings.

There are 3 main parenting tenets to Nurturings:

  1. Replenish – Feeling balanced is incredibly important for parents. Among the many ways that promote balance, that is so often overlooked in our society, is the clear need for deep social connections with like-minded parents. The transactional, transitory, disposable, and loose relationships typically found in most online advice-giving can be helpful but also insufficient, even exhausting. We aim to help replenish parents through connections with with peer-parents in in-person groups. These groups are not accidental; they are formatted for belonging in social relationships that buffer and reduce stress and build coping. These nurturing relationships provide you with the requirements you need for effective parenting.
  2. Nourish – Gaining the knowledge base needed for effective parenting is as important as balance. We help nourish parents through infusions of researched parenting information delivered through peer-parent groups. The overarching goal is to update and fine-tune parents’ own internal parenting compass with more than a short-term technique so often found through online searches. Setting parents up for repeated success means that we share what works and why, and parents then choose what fits their needs and how they plan to use it. Our “learning and sharing” process differs from the dominant online parenting advice tips that too often require you to blindly follow a one-size-fits-all plan that doesn’t really fit or only does for a short time (until the next challenge.)
  3. Practish – Yes, that misspelling was intentional…practish (rather than practice) because what we want to see is progress, not perfection. Perfect parenting is a myth. We encourage you to use new insights to practice effective parenting skills that fit your needs and for the goal to be progress….knowing what to expect and look for, and then celebrating the small gains. Sharing your experiences builds your local peer-parent group knowledge base and gives you validation and added insights for more confidence and lower stress. Full circle.

That’s what Nurturings is all about: Replenished and nourished parents practishing with one another and celebrating each other’s progress. Full circles of flourishing.

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