We share the same name

by Samantha on May 12, 2019

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“Mom,” my daughter texts to get my attention. Before I get a chance to respond comes an emphatic “Mahm” in text but I hear it in her voice, “Mom” with elongated vowels.

A call of “Mom” coming from the playground parking lot makes me turn and look, but I know my son is on the playground. I look to see who will answer to this call for “Mom.”

I think to myself how we all answer to the same name.

The title that becomes our name connects us in understanding. It connects us in our love of our children and other children. It connects us to each other.

We work to raise compassionate, strong children with healthy secure attachment, changing the world and the lives of children calling “Mom.”

In community, we lift each other up as we answer to the same name (learn more about that name in this fascinating article!).

We wish you a truly Happy Mother’s Day from API!

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