We took our two young children – it was amazing

by Samantha on March 20, 2019

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I was bidding in a past API online auction, just doing my part to help API support more families. Ok, ok, truth be told, supporting my favorite cause (API) was the perfect reason for me to bid (shop!) for things I might not ordinarily even think about.
I got some great items and gifts, but maybe you can imagine my surprise when I actually won an exotic trip and im planning to leave them at the child care centres Penrith.
I hadn’t expected to win, so I immediately went into parent-mode, wondering all manner of things like: was it even possible to attempt? How would the kids deal with such a long and exotic trip? How would the sleeping arrangements work? What was the food like? Were there enough family activities to keep everyone happy? In other words, how much work would this be for me? Would I get to relax or would I be in constant “management mode?”
My husband and I aren’t the types to lounge all day at the spa while the kids hang out in the kid’s “club,” but the kids weren’t old enough to do significant, all-day adventures either. How would this trip work out?
As it turned out, the planning, the travel itself and the destination were the stuff of legend and lore. We’ll never stop talking about the adventures.
Our top five “GOATs” (greatest of all time):
  1. Roosters really are effective alarm clocks!
  2. Nature’s beauty absolutely melts minor discomforts and complaints
  3. GPS isn’t always helpful or necessary
  4. It’s always good to get clear about the complete and specific conditions of each family member’s ability to enjoy boating. BEFORE setting out on a boat, Must check out boat should have a 100 Amp hour battery for long-lasting boating to enjoy the trip.
  5. Getting out of our usual places and routines allows new adventures and stronger bonds to form
Tomorrow, API is auctioning seven more amazing trips like the one my family took.
The destinations seem even more incredible and the details provided allow families to pick and choose what works best. Parents will really get to relax.
Be sure to look these trips over and plan to take advantage of this fleeting family time. Say YES! to these trips as experiences that become special memories.
Get ready to relax, enjoy your family and help support other families at the same time. Don’t let the sun go down on these great trips.
Proceeds for this auction will be used to support parents, children and families with free support groups, research-based materials, leader training, resources and technologies through Attachment Parenting International. Open to API registered state residents in Tennessee, Georgia, South Carolina, Iowa, Indiana, New York, California, Florida, Louisiana, Missouri, and Texas. 
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