Babywearing at the Beach

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DSC05288Babywearing saves my day once again! A couple of weeks ago we took the kids to visit a remote beach in Corona del Mar here in Southern California. To get to the beach, we had to walk down a steep and long set of stairs. I took with me a short woven wrap. It was a Girasol wrap that I’ve had for a while now. To get down to the beach, I put my little one in a rucksack back carry tied under his bum. Normally, with a long wrap I would be able to tie around my waist, but this was a short wrap, so I only had enough to tie a secure knot under his bum.

Once we got down to the beach, and it was quite a lovely beach, I took him down and we enjoyed the scenery as the kids played. It was a sunny day out, but the wind was giving me a little bit of a chill, so I used the wrap to cover both me and my baby. It felt so cuddly and soft against our skins and kept us warm.

The kids eventually asked me to walk along the beach with them, so I carried my tired baby in a rebozo carry using a slip knot. We walked this way along the beach and collected sea shells and rocks as we walked.

And finally, it came time to go home and up again those steep stairs. Going up was much easier than going down, but going up steep stairs with a 22 lb baby in my back amounted to quite the workout! I think I’m all set in working out for at least 6 months. 😉

Overall, having a short wrap makes trips like this really easy to handle. I was able to put my baby on my back, use the wrap as a blanket and also carry him in a hip carry as we enjoyed our day at the beach. Babywearing, for me, truly does make mothering so much easier!

Giselle, passionate babywearing advocate and co-leader of OCBabywearers.

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2 thoughts on “Babywearing at the Beach”

  1. Now that I have two kids, I honestly don’t know how people DO it without babywearing! Especially during this newborn stage where they just aren’t happy anywhere else! 🙂 It really helps when I take both kids out in public – my 2-yr-old can sit in the cart at the store, or in a place like the library or post office, I can keep a hold of his hand & not have to lug the car seat along with all our other paraphernalia. 🙂

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