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Believe in the mission? Join the movement.

Working in a field to foster and support secure attachment?

See attachment parenting as beneficial to your clients?

Help API expand its impact today by becoming an API Professional Associate

API Professional Associates:

  • Sustain local API Support Groups providing free information and encouragement, including $15 directly to your chosen local API support group;
  • Development and dissemination of educational materials--with volume discounts to professionals to help increase API's impact;
  • Help API present professional support with your listing on the API website;
  • Participate in the API Professional community on LinkedIn;
  • Contribute to support API's:

♦ Advocacy, research, and outreach;
♦ Interactive online support;
♦ Sustaining operations; and
♦ API's mission of nurturing children for a compassionate world

API Professional Associates receive updates on the advances and impact of API programs around the world. They also receive API's free support services, as desired, and are automatically API Members.

Additional details:

  • ♦ Discounts
    • - Free digital and printable issues of The Attached Family quarterly magazine.
    • - Free digital and printable issues of The Journal of AP annual compendium.
    • - A bulk rate discount on The Attached Family magazine.
    • - A coupon to purchase your own copy of Attached at the Heart written by co-founders Barbara Nicholson and Lysa Parker.
    • - A discount on API brochures.
    • - 10% discount on advertisements placed in API's online publications.
  • ♦ Association
    • - Listing in our Professionals directory
    • - API professional logo for use on business cards, websites, and in other advertising opportunities.
  • ♦ Collaboration
    • Special invitation to professional events hosted by API or our partners.
    • Special opportunity to promote AP-consistent speaking engagements, conference booths, articles and books on API's website and in API publication.
    • Facilitated access to research, position papers, discussions on AP research.
    • Invitation to submit articles, answer questions in eNewsletters or The Attached Family and online extension, or provide information for FAQs on API's website.
Price: $75.00
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