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  • When Mama gets sick

    Up until now i have loved rocking my lo to sleep in a wrap or curling up into bed and nursing her to sleep (she's 8 months old now). I am unfortuantly the only one who can do this. Which is fine with me i don't plan on being seperated from my lo until she is much older and has much better communucation skills and coping mechanisms. But i got a really bad virus infection this week. Sever cramping, vomiting and diarrhea. My dr. wanted me to take gravol (which can make you drowsy) and tylenol 3. He related the risks of me nursing while taking these pills but said the decision was up to me as i was the one having to deal with the sever cramping. I obviously declined both the gravel and tylenol 3s. My co-sleeping and breastfeeding are way to important to me. But what have you other mama's out there done when you've gotten sick??? How have you handled being sick & nighttime parenting??

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    Anytime we are sick and our needs go way up, it does make it extra hard. I had laryngitis last month and my boys were so ready for me to talk, I don't think I realized how important our discussions were!

    Well, just do your best, get the help you can and seek alternative methods of feeling good if you are prescribed stuff like that!
    I am happy your doc actually thought of your nursing relationship and reassured you of your choice!
    How are you feeling now? Any better?

    Sometimes a nice warm cuddly baby is good when you are sick.
    We watched a lot of movies last time I was really ill!


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      Originally posted by smurfsammy View Post
      tylenol 3.
      Is safe while bf'ing