I’m Spreading My Germs

It has been an interesting and germ-filled week in my house. My daughter started running a fever last Sunday night and by Wednesday she was feeling miserable. She kept coughing on me and I reminded her that she should cover her mouth when she coughs. The following is a quick recap of the conversation we then had:

Ava – “I can’t cover my mouth, I’m trying to spread my germs.”
Me – “Why are you trying to spread your germs? You’re just going to get me sick.”
Ava – “I don’t want to be sick anymore so I’m spreading my germs.”

I paused trying to figure out exactly what her little 7 year-old brain was thinking then it clicked.

Me – “Ava, if you spread your germs it doesn’t make your sickness go away but it could make someone else sick.”
Ava – “Ohhhhh….”

On Thursday morning I woke up to a fever and cough of my own and Ava still felt horrible. She realized that spreading her germs didn’t help her it only made me sick. However, she found the good in the situation when she exclaimed “Now we can cuddle all we want since we’re both sick.”

Yes my sweet little girl, now we can cuddle all we want. *cough cough*

Ava resting her head on my lap.