Yes Annika, there is a Santa Claus

December 23, 2009

Before I was a mother I always knew that if I had children, I would never lie to them, which included Santa. I always figured that kids needed to know their parents told them the truth.

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Healthier Holiday Snacks

December 22, 2009

Sweet Holiday Traditions from the Past Many of my holiday memories revolve around food. Aside from my dad’s amazing turkey, stuffing, and gravy, there have always been Christmas cookies, Christmas fudge, stockings filled with candy – it’s no wonder I was a regular at the dentist. And it isn’t just the taste and smell of […]

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6 Tips for Sleepy Safety During Your Holiday Travels

December 21, 2009

Holiday season in many of our vocabularies is synonymous with travel and travel means messing with our child’s normal routine; not only our child’s routine but also our own as well. This is often most visible in our sleeping patterns. When I am traveling I either sleep lighter or heavier. Sometimes I have a very […]

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Christmas and Crisis

December 16, 2009

The only Christmas I was pregnant, my second pregnancy, was not one I spent celebrating with carols and singing and anticipation of things to come. Instead, I spent the time in a cramped van for two days, and laughing for the first time. When I was 19 weeks pregnant, my father-in-law passed away very suddenly […]

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Attachment Parenting and the Holidays

December 15, 2009

The holiday season is in full swing and as families get together for celebrations, they might find themselves faced with several challenges: co-sleeping while traveling, maintaining balance with so much going on, nurturing a new baby, and much more. There have been several posts here at API Speaks related to the holidays and so today, […]

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AP Picture Books Make Great Holiday Presents 

December 11, 2009

Wondering what to give your young children this holiday season that’ll be both fun and meaningful? Every kid loves a colorful picture book with a fun narration they can relate to, but so many children’s books depict non-AP scenes and situations – like a baby happily falling asleep in a crib or a four-year-old receiving […]

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Guiding Children to Associate the Holiday Season with Giving

December 9, 2009

Leave it to Wikipedia to present a great page on the origin of Santa including early Christian and pagan origins and his evolution in America, along with old and new

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A Foundation of Trust

December 8, 2009

There are all new considerations and choices to make when you have a child during the Christmas season.  Like what kind of gifts to buy, should they be educational? Homemade? Eco friendly? Wood? Plastic? Should they make noise? How much should you spend? Should you give gifts at all? What kind of holiday foundation do […]

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