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The Gift of Being a Flawed Parent – MP3 Now Available

May 27, 2010

The MP3 of the latest API Live Teleseminar is now available for download. On Monday, May 24, 2010, author Lu Hanessian joined API Co-Founders Barbara Nicholson and Lysa Parker to discuss The Gift of Being a Flawed Parent. Are you enjoying the ride with your children…or feeling burdened by vicious circles, self-doubt and guilt? Do […]

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The Gift of Being a Flawed Parent

May 19, 2010

Did you know that API hosts live teleseminars on important parenting topics with some of today’s most noted experts? In the past, the API Live teleseminars have featured Dr. Kathleen Kendall-Tackett discussing parental depression, Dr. Bob Sears chatting about autism spectrum disorders, Mothering magazine editor Peggy O’Mara discussing how we can get real with ourselves […]

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Meeting Barbara Nicholson and Lysa Parker

May 18, 2010

A few weeks ago I received an exciting phone call from my co-leader Ivana Lombardo for our Northern Virginia chapter of Attachment Parenting International. Her news? Barbara Nicholson and Lysa Parker, founders of API and authors of the new book Attached at the Heart, were coming into town. Barbara and Lysa planned to promote their […]

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API’s Blog Celebrates its Second Anniversary

April 15, 2010

Today, API Speaks, the blog of Attachment Parenting International, celebrates its second anniversary. On April 15, 2008, API Speaks launched and became part of the Attachment Parenting International publication family. During the past two years we’ve seen our readership grow and we’ve had some great bloggers share their attachment parenting stories through the blog. Here’s […]

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Today is World Autism Awareness Day

April 2, 2010

Today, April 2, is World Autism Awareness Day. In late 2007, the United Nations decreed that April 2, 2008 would be the first World Autism Awareness Day to coincide with National Autism Awareness Month, which is recognized every April. According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, approximately 1 in 110 children in […]

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Attachment Parenting in The Rural Areas

March 15, 2010

I understand that many of you likely live in an urban area, and so this post may sound a little odd to you. I live in rural Nebraska – smack in the middle of farm country. There aren’t a lot of people here. For example, I drove 250 miles the other day and saw perhaps […]

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Parent Support is Prevention

February 22, 2010

Lydia and Zariah Schatz and children like them need our help now.  Their story underscores the critical urgency for evidence-based parenting support and information to counter physically and emotionally dangerous parenting tactics that proliferate. Our hearts were ripped open to learned of the torment that Lydia Schatz,7, and her 11 year old sister Zariah suffered […]

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Keeping Balance with a Natural Life

December 18, 2009

For many AP families, green living, natural parenting, and life learning are more than a fad – they represent a lifestyle that endures even when mainstream society doesn’t find “going green” to be so popular. Like Attachment Parenting, the benefit of natural living is best achieved when practiced consistently. Where does this fit into Attachment […]

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