We share the same name

May 12, 2019

“Mom,” my daughter texts to get my attention. Before I get a chance to respond comes an emphatic “Mahm” in text but I hear it in her voice, “Mom” with elongated vowels. A call of “Mom” coming from the playground parking lot makes me turn and look, but I know my son is on the […]

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How will you celebrate life this year?

March 23, 2019

I won a 5-day stay at a Hawaiian resort at an API online auction and celebrated an unforgettable 70th birthday with my two daughters.\ None of us had ever been to Hawaii before, so we excitedly planned our 5-day itinerary. We gave ourselves plenty of time between activities to really soak in the beauty, knowing […]

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We took our two young children – it was amazing

March 20, 2019

I was bidding in a past API online auction, just doing my part to help API support more families. Ok, ok, truth be told, supporting my favorite cause (API) was the perfect reason for me to bid (shop!) for things I might not ordinarily even think about. I got some great items and gifts, but […]

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Is Sleep Training Medically Harmful? That’s Not the Point

March 3, 2019

By Alexis Schrader Again and again the articles pop up in parenting magazines and blogs- sleep training your baby is fine, they say, because there is no proven medical harm. While you can point to studies’ failed methodology (, and argue that other studies (  and medical associations ( say otherwise, I don’t bother. The […]

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The Science of Attachment Parenting

March 3, 2019

By Judy Arnall What is the scientific purpose of attachment parenting? In short, attachment parenting provides the child stress relief. Every child experiences stress and it impacts the body by triggering a stress response. Emotions such as fear, loneliness, sadness, frustration and unhappiness are present in children as young as babyhood. Children’s response to those […]

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Some winning tips to connect and reconnect with children – at the holidays and all of the time

December 21, 2018

Making time to share time and interests with your child refills the love-tank and lets you bounce back after struggles.  Small moments in every day, every week, keep us connected. Small moments mean the connections do not have to be complicated to be powerful; they can be something like: Stop and make eye contact over […]

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Celebrating and Navigating the Holidays

December 20, 2018

This Attachment Parenting International post was compiled from some APtly Said contributions that help AP parents navigate holiday challenges in the midst of celebrations: co-sleeping while traveling, maintaining balance with so much going on, nurturing a new baby, and much more. Enjoy this helpful series and your holidays–and search APtly Said and for even more […]

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Love Collective—Sharing experience and making parenting sweeter

October 24, 2018

Modern parenting is both dramatically different from just 10 years ago – and surprisingly unchanged over eons. What constitutes our “local” community has been slowly changing as the internet and other technologies have allowed us to become individual nomads. We regularly transplant ourselves outside of traditional, geographically convenient support networks. Online parenting resources help us […]

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