Three Easy Tricks to Maintaining a Loving and Positive State of Being

February 8, 2010

To consistently express the nurturing and attentive love that Attachment Parenting is all about is no easy task when you’re out of your mind sleep-deprived, weary of toddler tantrums and stretched to your capacity to care for your family, your house, your work, and maybe — if you’re lucky — yourself. I’ve teetered on burn-out […]

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Brain, Child’s Pep Talk for Moms Returning to Work

January 19, 2010

For obvious reasons, I don’t intend to share all the details about my process of going back to work on API Speaks. I have wrestled with the choice to work or not work since my first baby was born over three years ago. I always knew that I wanted to be home with my babies; […]

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Guiding Children to Associate the Holiday Season with Giving

December 9, 2009

Leave it to Wikipedia to present a great page on the origin of Santa including early Christian and pagan origins and his evolution in America, along with old and new

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