API Live! July 25 – Playful Parenting: More Than Fun! with Dr. Larry Cohen

by Melissa on July 19, 2011

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Join the API Live July 25 Teleseminar Featuring “Playful Parenting: More Than Fun” with special guest Dr. Larry Cohen. Register now to attend live or receive the mp3 recording. Submit your questions in advance to apilive@attachmentparenting.org. Sponsored in part by the Million Minute Family Challenge.

Register now for this API Live! teleseminar event and hear hosts Lu Hanessian, author of the new playful book for parents and children: Picnic on a Cloud, and API co-founder Lysa Parker talk with Dr. Larry Cohen about:

  • What is Playful Parenting and what does it have to do with attachment security?
  • Will my children know how to take life, or take me, seriously if we’re playful?
  • What does playful parenting have to do with confidence building and helping children resolve problems?
  • What is the impact of parent playfulness on my child’s development and emotion?
  • Can being playful make me a better parent?
  • Can it make parenting more satisfying, more fun for me?
  • I’m not so playful naturally. What do I do?
  • When roughhousing, how do we help it end on a happy note?
  • And Larry Cohen’s favorite playful parenting ideas you don’t want to miss!
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Melissa (56 Posts)

Melissa has been involved with Attachment Parenting International since 2004. She is the mother of two children and blogs at Raising Them Green.

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Lori July 19, 2011 at 6:54 am

What time is this event? I am not seeing it… or missing it??


Melissa July 19, 2011 at 5:20 pm

It is at 9pm ET, the time is listed on the registration page but I didn’t put it here – sorry about that!


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