What Are You Eating?

by Jasmine Carlson on May 12, 2011

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I have recently spent some time working at a whole foods co-op. This is supposedly a “health food” store. No additives in foods. Less sugar. You know… healthy. What I have been surprised to find is that half of the store is taken up with chips, soda and dips. A large section is dedicated to boxed foods the “just add water” etc. type and then there is the whole frozen section. Now, I understand that there are some days when a quick easy meal is very convenient and actually adds to family time because instead of stressing about what to get on the table for dinner you get to spend time with your family eating a dinner you could quickly throw together and I suppose that getting it from the health food store is better than a lot of choices you could make.

I, for one, think that food is an important part of family life. Family attachments are formed at the dinner table. Talking about the day. Joking. Having fun. Eating. Smelling. Touching. Tasting. It involves the senses. We laugh. Pheromones are free to float around the room. We are nourished by eating together. But it isn’t just the time that we spend together. We are also nourished by the healthy food that we prepare with good ingredients.

At first learning to cook meals can be a challenge but the more your practice you may be surprised to find that putting together a pot of curry and rice can be as quick as baking a pizza for 45 min. As summer rolls around, the grill is a quick, easy and healthy way to cook fruits, veggies and meat. If all the adults in the family work, the crock pot can be a family meal saver. If you are short on time during the week, it also helps to wash and cut up your veggies right after you get them home from the grocery store and have them in baggies ready for you to use throughout the week. You can even cut meat into chunks so it is easier to use.

Healthy meals together can be a challenging habit to form but it is worth the effort! You will be nourishing far more than just your bodies but your bodies should never come last on your list!

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