AP Month 2010 Blog Carnival Updated Information

by Melissa on September 28, 2010

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AP Month 2010 begins on Friday and earlier this month I posted details about the AP Month 2010 Blog Carnival. Here’s a bit of the previous post:

During AP Month 2010, parents are challenged to re-examine their daily physical activities, nourishing routines and habits, and learn new ways to fuel both healthy emotional and physical growth. The “envelope” in which we deliver guidance to our children provides the underlying degree of emotional connection and feeling that can become associated with physical nourishment and activity.

Explore with us the challenges we face in raising children who know the healthiest ways to be nourished in every aspect of life. Participate in our Attachment Parenting Month blog carnival and share your experiences in keeping our children “Full of Love.”

I directed individuals to our Contact Form for blog submissions but unfortunately we are now having a problem with that script. Instead please submit a link to your submission directly to me via email – apispeaks [AT] attachmentparenting [DOT] org. Thank you!

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Melissa (55 Posts)

Melissa has been involved with Attachment Parenting International since 2004. She is the mother of two children and blogs at Raising Them Green.

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